Donnerstag, 14. Mai 2009

All about the Brains: Surviving in a Zombie Apocalyps

So here we are, the series All about the Brains is starting today. So first, I will post my Zombie apocalypse plan and how I would survive if it comes to that. If you have any ideas to add to the plan or you have your own plan, feel free to leave a comment. Okay my criteria on which my plan is based are the movies of George A. Romero and the book World War Z, because I think they are the most realistic ones.

Now to my masterplan: First of all, I live in a suburb outside a big city. That could be a bonus for me becauseas we all know cities are a big attraction for zombies which means that I would have some time before the shit hits me. I already have a bunch of canned food because I am lazy about cooking. So I would grab that and throw it into my car along with some filled water bottles and my girlfriend. During my job training I learned some useful skills, for example welding (and I do have a welder)So I would weld both passenger doors and the trunk shut, so that no zombie could accidentally open them. Then I would weld metal plates in front of the passenger door and both back passenger windows. I have quite a surplus of metal because I work with it. Oh damn, I nearly forgot the condoms! Huge amount of condoms. Because whats best against stress? Right, sex. And the last thing you want in a zombie apolcalypse is a pregnant girl at your side eating all the canned food.So where was I? Okay right protection.. I have a lot of stuff left over from Halloween, for example gas masks, ear protectors.. a bulletproof vest and a nice army outfit.I need the army outfit and gas mask for when I kill the zombies. I don't want any viruses or other shit getting on my face when I dismember them. The vest is for my girlfriend because women tend to freak out when they see a zombie and it just calms them down and makes them feel secure.The ear protection is also for her so she doesn't hear the moans.

So a calm girl, a car full of food and water, and protection.. lets see what else we need.Weapons!Okay I won't even think about guns because they run out of ammo, and since the lobo hasn't been invented yet *wink wink*, I'd take a metal plate, sharpen it and screw it to my ice hockey stick to make something like a sickle. Kitchen knives are also good for close hand to hand combat. Guns for show, knives for a pro, right? I don't know if you noticed, but my plan has one weakness, and that is the car. I'd need gas for it, which is rare in a zombie apocalypse (also the metal welded onto my car would make it use more gas becouse of the waight, but it doesnt use much in the first place, so I don't care). But moving on.My town is located in a pretty flat area (no hills or mountains), which enables me to have a good overview.I'd also have my bicycle with me to ride around and access the situation to avoid having to use my car. Also, we all know that zombies travel for prey, so after my town got pillaged and they'd moved on to the next one, I would wait fot that and come back and turn my house into a fortress.So that is my zombie apolcalypse plan.

Today i will post the next episode of All about the Brains is called What is a Zombie ? So stay tuned for that.

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