Donnerstag, 7. Mai 2009

Stefan's Game Collection Review No. 1

So there we are my first Game Collection Review. For this I chose my first PC game that i bought with my own money.
Aaaand it iiisssss TATATATAAAAAA Top Gun Fire At Will.

Come with me on a journey back in time. We are in the year 1996, Fools Garden with Lemon Tree is playing in the radio. In Germany, the
girl rap group Tic Tac Toe was at the top of the charts with Verpiss eich. Bill Clinton was elected president in the U.S.A. Germany won the European Championsship against the Czech Republic with 2:1. and little Stefan spend the whole year in his room with just one game. Top Gun Fire At Will.

Top Gun was a flight simulator programmed by Spectrum Holobyte and produced by Microprose. It was loosly based on the movie and had some nice cutscenes that were filmed with some of the original actors. It was run on DOS and had realy good 3D graphics for the time. You played Maverick, who runs through the Top Gun shool and had to complete missions like escorting, dogfights, destroying ships and air bases. The conroles where nice too. You played with a joystick and all the other stuff like selecting missiles conroling the engine... were controled by the keybord. I played it a lot with a friend together. I flew most of the time and he was like my co-pilot who selected the missiles, selected targets and helped me with the landing. That game was alot of fun. It got a sequel in 1999 called Top Gun: Hornet's Nest. It was a really bad game and not worth talking about.

I can't really tell you much more about that game. The game didn't have a lot of
content but it was good for the time. Unfortunately, it doesn't run on my PC anymore and i didn't find a emulator. I also didn't find much about that game on the internet, just a few videos and some screenshots, im so sorry about that. My next Game Collection Review will be a newer game with more content, this review is just to warm up so stay tuned. The next one will be better.

Some ingame shots

Intro Cutscene

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