Mittwoch, 6. Mai 2009


So today i got this wonderfull email:

Liebe(r) Stefan Schwarz,

Xbox Customer Support Service Request ID#: 1100------

Ihre Xbox ist in unserem Service-enter angekommen.

Wir setzen alles daran, sie Ihnen so schnell wie möglich zurückzuschicken.

Sobald die Reparatur abgeschlossen ist, benachrichtigen wir Sie so können Sie sich schon auf neue Gaming-benteuer einstellen!

So for all english readers it says that my xbox has arrived and they working on it. OH my beauty i hope they are good to you. Microsoft you better give me the new Motherboard with the HDMI ! But WTF is Gaming-benteuer i think they ment something like Gaming Abenteuer what means gaming adventures and they wrote gaming-dventures, where is the A ? What ever, a tipo in a Customer Service email ? Well they better train the monkeys some spelling.


  1. Frequently these are form letters, which allow you to efficiently send multiple responses, but they better be correct.... I heard that the company I work for does some of the Xbox repairs, but I think that MS contracts that out at a country level.