Dienstag, 5. Mai 2009

The red Analring of shit

Imaging this: You are sitting with a friend on your sofa a nice German beer in your hand. You decided to fire up the Xbox 360 to play some games, AND ALL OF A SUDDEN THE FUCKER REDRINGS ON YOU ! What are the first word that come out of your mouth ? Oh maybe its not correctly plugged in ! Yea right as if you don't know how to plug something in, you know your Xbox is dead. You just feel it. So you start the whole process over and over again. Plug it in pull it out plug it in pull it out. Nothing, i never thought that this will happen to me. It was shocking, it was like my child died ore something like that. I have had this Xbox 360 since release so it is 4 years old maybe a bit older. After the 3rd year i though i was save because all the other Xbox 360s that broke before that. So yea cut the crap.
So first of all i got on the website xbox.com. Found the repair side entered all my stuff, serial number, name, bla bla all that stuff. I clicked next and than BOOOM Credit card entry. WTF Credit card ? I have the red ring isn't that getting repaired for free ? So i called the service line and i asked: i have the red ring but the side says i have to pay for that there is something wrong. No there is nothing wrong sir Microsoft just extended the warranty for 1 year because of that problem. DAMN YOUUU MICROSOFT ! But just wait a second i check your warranty. Guess what comes next. Sorry sir your warranty ended last week. DAMN YOUUU MICROSOFT ! And the repair costs 87€. DAMN YOUUUU MICROSOFT ! Okay but i have another problem i don't own a Credit card so how can i pay the money ? Sorry you need to have a Credit card to repair it otherwise we cant do anything for you. DAMNN YOUU.. OK yea you got my point.

Okay i need a Credit card so i live in Germany it is not usual to have a Credit card. So i got to my bank ordered the Credit card and guess what 1 week till i got it. DAAAMN YOUUU DEUTSCHEVOLKSBANK E.G. RÜSSELSHEIM ! What is going wrong in the world that you need no not just you need YOU NEEEEED a Credit card to repair something. What the heck, in Germany we don't need Credit cards we have bank accounts with EC cards uuuhhh yea high tech, and the EC card works just like a credit card. ITS THE SAME ! so whats the point ? Yea that's some really fucked up bullshit over there. So i packed my Xbox in her coffin. Then i wrote down the address on the package and guess what the freaking repair service is 20 minutes away from me. DAMMNN YOU whatever.... So i gave it the UPS Guy and now I'm waiting, no news from my little beauty. I hope she is fine. So yea i will keep you informed what the status of my Xbox is. I'm very sad its so cold without her. I miss her loud noise, her scorching heat, her broken led. She never will be the same after that.

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