Mittwoch, 6. Mai 2009

Blame Yoda !

So a while back I heard one of my favorite Podcasts its called The Audiorant. Its made by a Colombian Comic artist. So his topic of one of his Shows was its all Yoda's fault. I'm going to explain that to you because i think when you step back and overview all movies of the Star Wars saga he is totally right.

So first of all who is Yoda ? Yoda is an Jedi master who trained Jedi's over 800 years. He trained Luke Skywalker, Count Dooku.... He is one of the leaders of the Jedi Council. He is an Master of the Force and Lightsabers.

So what are the Star Wars movies about ? They are about Yoda screwing up all the time ! When you think about it you will see its totally correct. Everything that you get from Yoda all the time is that the dark side doesn't let him see stuff. "Clouded by the dark side everything is". That's stretches through all movies. He cant do that or this because of the dark side. The dark side doesnt let him see things. So isn't he supposed to fight the dark side ? Isn't that the purpose of a Jedi ?

In the podcast he compares Yoda with Captain Planet. He is supposed to fight pollution but his weakness is pollution. WTF yea that's what Yoda is ! I mean Anakin, Obiwan and Qui Gon spend 3 whole movies trying to convince Yoda and Mace Windu that the Sith have returned, and both of them spend 3 whole movies not believe them ! Until the Sith return and mess everything up. Why does no one in the whole movies turn around and blame Yoda for that ? He knew about it 20 years before that ! AND HE DOES NOTHING ! Until everything is too late. Don't you think you would start to wonder where all this cloudy dark side shit is coming from ? He spends 3 movies denying that the dark side is back but he doesn't see shit because of the dark side, so what the hell Yoda you are 900 years old is he suffering from dementia ore something like that ? All That he does after finally discovering that the Sith are back is get his ass kicked, flee to a remote planet and go crazy. So Yoda i love you but you are totally worthless. Believe me rewatch the star wars movies and you will see. I did it and it opened my eyes. The Dark side deserves to conquer the whole universe because of the stupidity within the Jedi Council.

But the Jedi Council reminds me of banks. You got the manager that says all the time "everything is alright" but it isn't. The whole economy is falling apart BUT ! Everything is alright. Yea so Yoda YOU ARE FIRED !

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